Solon wants plastic straws ban

A lawmaker is pushing for banning the use of drinking plastic straws in all restaurants, hotels, inns, fast food centers, eateries, and similar establishments.

Senate Bill 2209 or the Plastic Straws Act, filed by Senator Cynthia Villar, seeks to reassess consumption patterns of plastic straws with the “principles of sustainability and environmental stewardship.”

The bill also provides penalties to serve as a deterrent against non-compliant establishments as it mandates the Department of Environment and Natural Resources to develop the implementing rules and regulations, in order to foster effective implementation of the legislative measure.

Villar, who chairs the Senate Committee on Environment, Natural Resources and Climate Change, stressed that plastic pollution poses a considerable challenge to a balanced and healthful ecology.

Single-use items like drinking straws can add up to the country’s plastic pollution—causing significant harm to diverse species and human health, she said.

“Having other choices besides plastic straws makes it both possible and urgent for us to make a change. This switch to greener options is an important move we could make now to ensure a sustainable future,” Villar said.

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