Fitness Routine for a Healthier Lifestyle

Walking is one of the easiest ways to stay fit and can be done by anyone, anywhere. You don’t need special clothes or any kind of equipment.

PHOTOGRAPH COURTESY OF Mark Jesalva | Kuya Kim Atienza at the Watsons Race for Wellness event.

A fitness routine is essential to good health. An activity as simple as walking, when done frequently, can have tremendous benefits to the body. Some benefits of a regular fitness routine include weight loss or maintenance, the improvement of physical functions and the strengthening of bones and muscles. It also reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease, type 2 diabetes and several common cancers.

Kim Atienza, popularly known as Kuya Kim, is a fitspiration to many because of his physique. His fitness journey, however, had a rocky start. The TV host had a stroke in 2010, followed by a life-threatening disease called Guillain-Barré syndrome in 2013. These incidents pushed him to lead a healthier and more active lifestyle.

Today, Kuya Kim runs, cycles and swims. He has competed in several triathlons and races in the Philippines and abroad. When he’s not competing, he swims and runs twice a week early in the morning. He also does Crossfit.

The TV host shares some elements in his fitness routine:

Kuya Kim starts his day with stretching, especially when he can’t squeeze in a workout in the morning. Stretching lengthens the muscles and reduces tension, increases blood flow to improve mobility and brings on feelings of positivity.

To help keep his fitness in check, Kuya Kim does “intermittent fasting” or “IF.” In simple terms, this diet allows 16 hours of fasting and eating what you want for the remaining eight hours of the day. Because of this, he only gets to eat breakfast occasionally. But when he does, it’s still on the healthy side.

Use the stairs

Elevators and escalators may get you to your destination faster but there are more benefits to taking the stairs. Climbing stairs can strengthen the muscles and increase body resistance, burn body fat and improve heart and lung function. Kuya Kim shares, “I take the stairs when I can, especially when I only have to go to the second floor.”

Walk or bike

“I walk or bike when the opportunity presents itself,” he says. That means leaving the car at home when running simple errands like doing the groceries or going to nearby locations like a favorite restaurant or a friend who lives nearby.

He adds, “Walking is one of the easiest ways to stay fit and can be done by anyone, anywhere. You don’t need special clothes or any kind of equipment.”


Kuya Kim ends his day the way he starts them: with more stretches and meditation. He finds a comfortable spot at home, closes his eyes and watches his breath. Frequent meditation reduces stress and anxiety, lowers blood pressure and strengthens the immune system. The TV host reveals, “I want to end my day on a good note and a few minutes of meditation improves my mood so I can readily face future challenges.”

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