Exhibit explains LGBTQ+ experiences of inequality

‘#HowInequalityLooksLike’ presents the difficulties faced by various Filipinos due to their SOGIESC and how the proposed SOGIESC Equality Bill can address the issues and prevent inequalities from happening to more Filipinos

Photograph courtesy of the LGBT Affairs of Iloilo City | Representatives from advocacy groups and local government open the exhibit in Iloilo.

Unveiled on 21 April, the exhibit #HowInequalityLooksLike is currently on view at the second floor of Festive Walk Iloilo in Iloilo City, Iloilo, until 9 May.

Spearheaded by Mujer-LGBT Organization of Zamboanga City, Mindanao Pride, Free To Be Me together with Youth Voices Count, Iloilo City Office of LGBT Affairs and the Iloilo City Government, the exhibit is a part of an awareness campaign that further highlights the struggles and challenges Filipinos experience in schools, workplaces, public areas and even inside their homes because their sexual orientation, gender identity and gender expression and sexual characteristics do not adhere to heteronormative expectations.

#HowInequalityLooksLike presents portraits of LGBTQ+ people and their experiences of abuses, ridicule and discrimination, proving that inequalities still pervade in the Philippines. It also explains how the SOGIESC Equality Bill, which still has not passed after many years, can help address these injustices.

Questions on the floor plastered on the floor can be seen as one goes through the exhibit to make viewers realize the privileges and disadvantages they experience because of their SOGIESC. According to organizers, through this activity, “we aim to spotlight the necessity of passing the SOGIESC Equality Bill that ensures the protection and access of all Filipinos to basic services and opportunities.”

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