Bull cheat

“Even their biggest rallies during the last campaign period failed to muster more than a hundred thousand attendees.

Some opposition characters thought they might keep themselves relevant after the last elections — where their candidates, Leni and Kiko, received the drubbing of their lives — by keeping the issue of alleged massive cheating alive.

Never mind if, unlike Bongbong who filed a formal protest when he thought he was cheated out of the vice presidency, not one opposition candidate for national office has contested his loss. Never mind if Leni herself, in a much-publicized interview, said that her people could find no evidence of cheating.

And never mind if Leni’s election lawyer, Romy Macalintal (himself a senatorial candidate on her ticket), and Antonio Trillanes, whose actuations as a member of the opposition for twelve years gives new meaning to the word “rabid,” denied any such poll fraud.

No, to some people, facts are irrelevant to their beliefs. Thus, these misguided souls have self-declared today supposedly as “National and International Day of Action” (whatever that means).

These people, who look like they have nothing better to do with their lives, are calling on supporters of Leni to mount protests, not only in the country but all over the world, in order to “rectify” the cheating purportedly committed against her. Duh…

How do these ulalos propose to do that? Well, first, they want to compel, through their protests, some kind of disclosure from the Commission on Elections about something called “transmission logs.” Differently stated, they want Comelec to prove that it didn’t cheat. But weren’t we taught in argumentation and debate during high school that he who alleges must prove, and not he who denies?

This rule was later on drilled into our heads in college (and still later, for those who took up law, in law school) as ei cumbenti probatio qui decit, non qui negat. Unfortunately for the protesters, who tried to underscore their allegations of cheating by holding rallies, the fact that only two dozen or so protestors turned out hardly makes a case for Leni having the popular vote on her side last 9 May 2022.

If these people think they can “correct” the claimed cheating of Leni by showing that she garnered more than the 15 million votes counted in her favor, they better stop whatever they are snorting, and wake up to reality.

First, it is not possible for them to demonstrate that physically. Even their biggest rallies during the last campaign period failed to muster more than a hundred thousand attendees, and that with all the incentives such as popular bands and actors taking to the stage and performing for the crowd. If they are counting on the so-called “People Power,” I have breaking news for them. The real People Power is in the hands of the 31 million voters who chose Marcos, whose lead over Leni was more than the number of Leni’s actual votes. That, in general elections that all credible poll watchdogs, local and international, declared to be generally clean and peaceful.

But we are, of course, in a democracy, where people are free to make fools of themselves in public. Then again, if their call for mass action today peters out, we are also free to make fun of them till kingdom come. If the pathetic attendance at last February’s People Power commemoration is to be any indication, this day will pass without anyone paying the slightest attention to this latest lunacy by some opposition elements.

So, you deluded Yellows and Pinks (Finks?), enjoy this day. If you want to gather in front of the Comelec and shout yourselves hoarse, go ahead. Go on posting on social media that Leni is the real president. “Walang basagan ng trip,” as they say. Some people need their fantasies, as a popular song goes. Never mind if the claims of cheating are nothing but bovine excrement, a clear case of bull cheat.

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