Slimming supplements: Do they really work?

‘Our products provide a convenient and effective way to make self-care a habit in a fast-paced world’

photographs courtesy of juju lifestyle

TikTok is now overly saturated with wellness supplements that claim to have varied effects, including weight loss, better skin and healthier hair, among others.

I must admit though, as someone that doesn’t have time or energy to work out, these alternatives have really caught my attention.

Among the many TikTok-recommended wellness brands is JUJU Lifestyle that offers an innovative line of effervescent supplements.

These include EasySlim for flushing out toxins and promoting a healthy diet; Glutabright for lighter skin; Collagen for youthful skin, stronger hair and nails; and Sports to re-energize and rehydrate the body.

Of course, my tube of choice was the EasySlim variant, which is a mix of mostly fruits and vegetable extracts with a slight flavoring agent. It isn’t hard to consume because it has a refreshing lychee flavor.


I put this to the test for almost a month. The first significant sign that the supplement was doing its job was that it curbed my appetite. Admittedly, I have a sweet tooth and I often crave for something sweet to drink. So, I would dissolve a tablet in iced water and drink it instead.

I took it once a day, but on the official website’s frequently asked questions, it says that two tablets should be consumed for optimal effect. It’s also best to take before bedtime.

Although it somehow suppressed my hunger pangs, I do admit to still feasting with gusto.

That is also one of the reasons I didn’t lose much weight. Still, the initial effects were very promising, especially if your job isn’t physically rigorous. Similar to other kinds of weight loss supplements, it’s better to partner your weight loss plan with regular workouts.


JUJU Lifestyle is the brainchild of Jungie Gumiran who dabbles in marketing, communications and entrepreneurship. It was his desire to be healthy and have good skin that launched his supplement brand.

photograph by raye sanchez for the daily tribune | JUJU Lifestyle offers an innovative line of effervescent supplements.

“JUJU Lifestyle aims to continue to help people live a more productive and healthy life through self-care powerhouse brands specializing in effervescent supplements. Our products innovate and give a convenient and effective way to make self-care a habit in a fast-paced world,” he said in a statement.

The efficacy of the products may be vouched by this column or the combined average sales of 1.7 million on Shopee and Lazada in 2021, but it’s best to try it for yourself and see if it fits your body and lifestyle.

And, as always, please consult a professional if you are sensitive to these types of supplements.

Available on Lazada, Shopee and Visit @jujulifestyleph on Facebook and TikTok and @jujulifestyleph_ on Instagram.





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