Our life’s journey is all too brief

There is absolutely no need for us to be angry, disrespectful and fretful because our life’s journey on earth is all too brief. We each should understand that our time on earth is short and filling our daily lives with insignificant worries, betrayals, struggles, useless arguments, envy, gossip, disdain, unforgiveness, dissatisfaction and discontent is truly a waste of precious time and energy.

If someone breaks our heart because they did not fulfill their promise, keep cool. If someone cheated you in business, humiliated you with angry insults or intimidated you with curses, keep cool. Did someone accuse you of falsehoods, speaking malicious lies about you? Keep cool. Whatever it is that someone or a group has caused you embarrassment, disrespect and utter lies, keep cool.

Our journey on this earth is all too brief, no one knows when we shall be called to the Great Beyond. We should therefore just love one another, forgive the hurts, hug tightly, sing, rejoice and cherish family and friends and dance to our heart’s content. Let us be kind, compassionate and understanding. Let us be respectful and humble. Let us honor and applaud each other’s gifts and talents. Let us be filled with gratitude and joy because indeed our journey is all too brief.

PHOTOGRAPH COURTESY OF UNSPLASH/fabio comparelli | filling our lives with insignificant worries is a waste of time and energy.

I recall a moving story shared by my oldest grandson Aidan Matthew. He narrated to me the story of his good friend Ambo, the son of our gardener. Ambo turned out to be sick with leukemia and Aidan wanted his remaining days on earth to be happy and memorable. They would take their daily bicycle rides after school, sharing their ice cream cones and cookies — just being happy together laughing and sharing jokes. I told Aidan that I was so touched with the loving, caring and compassionate way he shared his afternoons with Ambo, day in and day out.

The words that came out from the mouth of my 20-year-old grandson will forever be etched in my mind and heart: “Mama, we are so blessed to have everything we need in life — a beautiful home, loving family, good friends, cars, good food and all the toys and gadgets we want. But Ambo has none of these material things. He only has his loving parents and our friendship. So, I want to spend as much time as I have available to keep him happy. Because I know that he has such a limited time on earth.”

Yes, my grandson Aidan taught me a powerful lesson. He showed me by his humane example that what matters most in life are the people we nurture and love. Yes, our life’s journey is all too brief. We have to make sure that every hour we have counts as we touch lives that enrich each of us. That is all that matters.

PHOTOGRAPH COURTESY OF UNSPLASH/JED VILLEJO | LET us be filled with gratitude and joy.


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