We choose love

Love for me is a deep and tender feeling of affection for someone or a strong attachment and attraction to a person. It is a feeling of brotherhood and sisterhood, goodwill toward other people.

How do we define love? According to Wikipedia, love encompasses a whole range of strong and positive emotional and mental states from the most sublime virtue like a good habit, the deepest interpersonal affection to the simplest pleasure. But I ask you again, what is love? Love for me is a deep and tender feeling of affection for someone or a strong attachment and attraction to a person. It is a feeling of brotherhood and sisterhood, goodwill towards other people. When we have love, we are all able to accept each other’s differences and appreciate each other’s unique gifts while looking at the same direction.

The benevolent love of God for us is the greatest example of unconditional and true love as He gave His only begotten Son to die in the cross in order for us to enter heaven. As Virgil states, “Love conquers all.”

The power of love cannot be underestimated. It can prevent wars, murders, quarrels, family arguments. It can stop anger, hatred, hostilities, depression, confusion and the negative feelings of loneliness and isolation. If we live our lives with love daily, we will be able to seamlessly solve our differences, our fears, uplift our wellbeing, prevent illnesses and create this circle of positivism that colors our lives with joy, laughter, forgiveness and passion.

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Many will say it is easier said than done but love can truly move mountains. It can create miracles and change people’s mindsets. It can in fact save lives because when we are able to convince others that they are loved, everything changes in an instant. Professing love for another human being prevents suicides, bullying and micro aggressions. Everyone responds to love, at least most everyone. The ones who avoid love like a plague are the cynical persons who always think the worst of every situation and avoids tender emotions and attachments because they are scared of the strong powerful emotion that love can bring into their arid empty lives.

Let us therefore espouse the mantra of love daily. Let us live our lives filled with goodness and love for everyone. Let us reach out to them and spread the gospel of love. It is never too late to do this. Once we spread the love to everyone, it creates this circle of harmony, the magical thread that captures everyone’s hearts and minds. It generates this positive feelings of joy and happiness that creates goodness within us and among us. It prevents us from hurting others through gossip, betrayal or unkind words. It reminds us to be mindful and inclusive bringing in the community within our circle. Love reminds us to be fair, to be just, compassionate, generous and forgiving. It reminds us that there are no perfect human beings but our imperfect nature allows us to change and become better persons.

I would like to share with you that when I started to practice the Golden Rule of “doing unto others what I would like others to do unto me” that my life completely changed for the better. It made me an empathetic human being, more accepting and humble. All because love became the center of my life. I became joyful, giving and happy. Everything touched me in a positive way. I was reborn. I invite you all to espouse love in your lives and you will never regret it. Because love conquers all and we become more fulfilled human beings because of love.

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