Connecting with the Divine

This Palm Sunday ushers in the Lenten week. It is a good time for us to meditate on our lives and connect with God through readings in the Bible and doing charity work for our marginalized brothers and sisters.

We do not need to stay in church the whole time because we can connect with the Divine 24/7 through the way we live our lives. Because everything we do, think and act is a prayer to Him as long as we do it with love in our hearts, minds and spirits.


Let us live our lives with happy
life-giving moments through our meaningful work feeding the poor and clothing the marginalized. Let our songs be filled with love as we reach out to everyone with humility and joy. Let our penultimate honor to the Divine Jesus be the many lives we uplift, the loving words we speak and the lives we continue to touch as our daily prayer to Him.

The Christian tradition of love completes and sustains our lives not just during Holy Week but daily, 365 days a year. We are created in the likeness and image of God and it is love that makes us who we are.

The Lenten week is upon us. Let us soak in God’s love during our meditative moments as we thank our gracious Father in heaven for His beneficence and grace. Let us thank Him for giving us His only begotten Son to redeem us from sin in order that we may gain eternal life in heaven.

We need to be reminded that as we love our families, friends, the community members and the world at large that we become enriched human beings. It is this circle of  deep and constant love that allows us to forgive those who hurt us, to spread the joy in our lives and those of others that makes us more humane and akin to God’s image and likeness.

THE Divine is real.

Let us therefore only speak loving words to others, touch those who need us with care and compassion because only then do we realize that our connection with the Divine is real, palpable, honest, living and meaningful.

A blessed, serene and loving Lenten week to everyone!

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