Generative AI to power workplace

Breakthroughs in generative AI are fundamentally changing how people interact with technology — and at Google

Google introduced the next wave of generative artificial intelligence or AI innovation across core areas of its business. Developers and companies can now try new APIs and products that make it easy, safe, and scalable to start building with Google’s best AI models through Google Cloud and a new prototyping environment called MakerSuite. In Google Workspace, the company is introducing new features that help users harness the power of generative AI to create, connect and collaborate.

“Breakthroughs in generative AI are fundamentally changing how people interact with technology — and at Google, we’ve been responsibly developing large language models so we can safely bring them to our products,” said Thomas Kurian, CEO of Google Cloud. “Our goal is to continue to be bold and responsible in our approach and partner with others to improve our AI models, so they’re safe and helpful for everyone. We’re excited by the potential of generative AI and the opportunities it will unlock — from helping people express themselves creatively to helping developers build brand new types of applications to transforming how businesses and governments engage their customers and constituents.”

For developers looking to build the next generation of applications with generative AI, Google is introducing the PaLM application programming interface. This new offering makes it easy and safe to experiment with Google’s best large language models. Today, Google is making an efficient model available in terms of size and capabilities, and other measures will be added soon.

The API also comes with an intuitive tool called MakerSuite, which lets developers quickly prototype ideas and, over time, will have features for prompt engineering, synthetic data generation, and custom-model tuning — all supported by robust safety tools.

Select developers can access the PaLM API and MakerSuite in Private Preview today.

Bringing generative AI capabilities to Google Cloud

Google is bringing new generative AI capabilities to its Google Cloud AI portfolio to help developers and organizations access enterprise-level safety, security, and privacy and integrate with their existing Google Cloud solutions. This includes:

Generative AI support in Vertex AI: Developers and businesses already use Google Cloud’s Vertex AI platform to build and deploy scale machine learning models and AI applications. Today, Google Cloud is announcing Generative AI support in Vertex AI, which offers the most straightforward way for data science teams to take advantage of foundation models like PaLM in a way that provides them with the most choice and control. Generative AI support in Vertex AI will initially offer foundation models to generate text and images and, over time, with audio and video. Google Cloud customers can discover models, create and modify prompts, fine-tune them with their data, and deploy applications that use these powerful new technologies.

Generative AI App Builder: Businesses and governments also want to build their AI-powered chat interfaces and digital assistants. To enable this, Google Cloud is introducing Generative AI App Builder, which provides the fastest way for developers to jumpstart the creation of generative AI applications — or gen apps — such as bots, chat apps, digital assistants, custom search engines, and more, with the limited technical expertise required. With API access to Google’s foundation models, developers can use out-of-the-box templates to jumpstart the creation of gen apps in minutes or hours.

Across these, Google Cloud ensures organizations have complete control over if, how, and for what their data is used.

Trusted testers are accessing Generative AI support in Vertex AI and Generative AI App Builder. If you want updates on early access opportunities, please join the Google Cloud Innovators technical community.

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