25 years of Miata Brotherhood

Photographs by Ian Magbanua for the Daily Tribune Special edition MCP 25th Anniversary Miata with special Platinum Quartz and Navy Blue accents is limited to 25 cars only.

The Miata Club of the Philippines celebrated its 25th anniversary with a grand event held at the Corinthian Gardens clubhouse in Quezon City last 17 March, bringing together passionate Mazda Miata enthusiasts from all over the metro. The celebration was a showcase of the club’s history, achievements, and milestones, and it was a testament to the enduring passion and camaraderie of its members.

The clubhouse parking lot was packed to capacity with Miatas from all four generations, but with the ND model dominating the landscape. The outdoor garden area was set up with cocktail tables, where nearby, a curated selection of 10 of the club’s finest cars was on display.

EYE-CATCHING decals adorn this ND Miata Cup Car.

One of these was the very special 30th Anniversary ND Miata in Racing Orange — number 3000 of 3000, of Mazda Philippines president and chief executive officer Steven Tan.
Miata Club president Victor “Junvee” Vital said the club has about 155 members with about 90 of those active with the club’s activities. They meet every second Sunday of the month at their current club HQ in Mazda Makati, thanks to the gracious support of Mazda Philippines.

The event also showed off the club’s pride and joy, the very exclusive and very limited MCP 25th Anniversary Miata.

ND Miatas dominate the parking lot at the Corinthian Gardens clubhouse in Quezon City.

A one-off colored ND Miata in Platinum Quartz, with Navy Blue accents (side mirrors, roll hoops and soft top), and with a special numbered plate and Mazda Connect command knob finished in sterling silver.

Vital said the club had a special 25th-anniversary watch made in cooperation with German watchmaker Laco and is called the Laco MCP Flieger 25.

He said he has only been with the club for two years, but his enthusiasm for the organization soon got him elected as president. He drives a 2018 Miata RF, his very first Miata, that’s been massaged over with some tasteful mods.

THIS is a rare 30th Anniversary ND Miata owned by Mazda Philippines president and CEO Steven Tan.

His RF sports a BBR Stage 1 Turbo kit, FOX suspension components, and a big brake kit upgrade. He is but one of the many members who express their personalities with their cars. While some like it stock, Vital likes it with an extra topping of speed.

The celebration was also a time to reflect on the club’s history and achievements.

Over the past 25 years, the Miata Club of the Philippines has grown from a small group of enthusiasts to a vibrant community of over 150 members, a long way from when it was first founded by Eddie Salonga.

The club has organized countless events and activities, including an annual Baguio Run, the Binibining Pilipinas parade, the Miata Cup, and driving clinics, just to name a few.

The club’s triumph lies in its unwavering commitment to the Miata, a vehicle that embodies the principles of enjoyment, efficiency and driving satisfaction.

The club members share an intense fondness for the Miata and are devoted to advocating it as a car that is not only stylish and packed with performance but is also dependable and endearing.

As Marlon Mercado, another MCP member, put it, despite the multiple generations of Miata within the club, or the coming and going of new and old members alike, there is really just “one car that binds them all, the Miata.”

The commemoration of the 25th year of the Miata Club Philippines was a remarkable homage to the fervor and devotion exhibited by its members. It successfully united an assorted and enthusiastic group of automobile aficionados who share an ardent affection for the Miata and a drive for perfection.

This event proved the unwavering charm of the Miata and the ability of automotive zeal to unite people.

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