Mobility application simplifies travel

‘They are also looking for customer feedback to improve the app and add additional features and services to provide daily solutions to the general motorists.’

MPT Mobility assistant vice president for Operations Gines Barot (left) explain the benefit of their new app, DriveHub. It offers an efficient and modern mobility solution to simplify travel for Filipinos. MPT AVP for Business Development Donald Saurombre (right) also guested in Daily Tribune’s Usapang Business talk show on 13 March, hosted by business assistant editor Komfie Manalo. | Daily Tribune file photo

Major cities worldwide have introduced a number of policies to reduce car use and increase public transport patronage to ease traffic. In the Philippines, traffic is so horrendous that navigating the roads is almost a trip to hell.

Transport authorities have forwarded persuasive strategies to change mobility behavior, but this presents notable limitations in logistical and economic terms resulting in minor impacts. Mobile apps emerged as promising tools to solve these challenges, offering persuasion strategies and opening new possibilities to address sustainability goals and the needs of travelers.

“At MPT Mobility, we believe in the definition of mobility, which is essentially the ability to move freely and with ease,” said MPT Mobility’s assistant vice president of Operations, Gines Barot, in an interview with the Daily Tribune’s digital show, Usapang Business. “DriveHub is a multifunctional travel app designed to address the concerns faced by motorists and the traffic concerns generally faced by motorists throughout the country.”

Metro Pacific Corporation’s innovation arm, MPT Mobility, said DriveHub is now available on both Apple Store and Google Play. The app is an efficient and modern mobility solution designed to make travel easier for Filipinos.

DriveHub is the first application that allows for real-time reloading and balance checks of EasyTrip and CCLEX RFIDs. Users can top up their RFID balances from different fund sources, such as debit and credit cards, e-wallets and directly from banks. They can also check their balance on demand and track multiple RFID accounts if they have more than one registered vehicle under the app. Furthermore, DriveHub includes a toll computation feature, which allows users to input their vehicle class, entry and exit toll gates and get an exact amount of the toll they need to pay.

Aside from the app’s features, Mr. Rollins also pointed out that DriveHub has a user-friendly interface and digital wallets. The app provides real-time traffic alerts, updates on computer fees, roadside emergency assistance costs and information on nearby gas stations, restaurants and restrooms.

All these features aim to ease the burden of mobility issues caused by traffic and other problems that motorists face daily.

During the interview, Barot emphasized that DriveHub is available at the node, not just the zone. He cited several expressways under MPTC, such as the Subic-Clark-Tarlac Expressway, Cavite Expressway, Cavite-Laguna Expressway, and Cebu Cordova Expressway, where the app is currently available.

With the pandemic affecting how people travel, MPT Mobility’s DriveHub is a timely and innovative solution that will undoubtedly ease the burden of motorists in the country.

As Barot puts it, “DriveHub provides an answer to mobility issues caused by traffic and other problems that motorists face daily. At MPT Mobility, we aim to make travel easier for Filipinos, and we believe that DriveHub is the ultimate solution.”

The app is expected to be a game-changer in the Philippines. Its launch is an essential milestone for MPT Mobility, which aims to continue innovating and providing modern mobility solutions for Filipinos.

The launch of DriveHub is just the beginning of MPT Mobility’s plans, and the company promises more innovations to revolutionize how people travel in the country.

Barot mentioned that the app had received an overwhelming response since its launch in Cebu last year, with over 800,000 downloads. One of the most significant advantages of the app is that it offers real-time traffic updates, which helps drivers plan their routes, especially when pressed for time. The app also allows users to top up their RFID accounts using just one account or application, and they receive notifications when they need to top up again.

Apart from the app’s current features, Barot said they are looking for ways to expand its user base quickly. They are also looking for customer feedback to improve the app and add additional features and services to provide daily solutions to the general motorists. The app is predominantly for motorists who want to improve the monitoring experience.

One of the upcoming and exciting features MPT Drive Hub plans to add is insurance. Barot said users could get their CTPL or comprehensive motor insurance through the app. They are also looking to improve their roadside assistance by providing on-demand, similar to hailing a ride button, which can aid roadside service in an emergency. In addition, they plan to add other features like locators for gas stations and potential partnerships with some of the fuel companies they are talking to.

Barot’s colleague, Sir Don, also enumerated the app’s upcoming features, such as ride-hailing and towing services. He also reminded motorists to download the app ahead of time, even if they are using the tollways infrequently. The app will be for tollway users and the general motoring public in the next few months.

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