Caring for little Aliza

Tzu Chi brought Aliza and her parents to Manila so Aliza could undergo chemotherapy for her retinoblastoma. Tzu Chi volunteers also organized a birthday celebration for her. | PHOTOGRAPHs COURTESY OF TZU CHI

Tzu Chi is a Taiwanese international humanitarian non-governmental organization that aims to provide assistance to those who are in need. Recently, the organization helped Aliza Estillore, a six-year-old kid from Bohol who is suffering from retinoblastoma — a rare type of cancer that afflicts a person‘s retina.

When Aliza’s condition started to deteriorate, her parents decided to bring her to the hospital. Tzu Chi lent them help by bringing them to Manila so Aliza could undergo chemotherapy.

The volunteers also provided further assistance to Aliza’s family by organizing a birthday celebration for her. They continue to lend support and assurance to little Aliza that they will be there to help her and her family, as everyone prays for her condition to get better.

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