Bagging rights

One risk of traveling is losing your luggage at the airport or getting back a damaged or pilfered suitcase after a flight. Baggage mishandling is likely the culprit.

A passenger on US budget carrier Spirit Airlines went out of his way to find out what happened to his missing carry-on bag after taking a flight to Los Angeles at the Louis Armstrong New Orleans International Airport last 19 February.

Keyonne Brooks forgot to take his bag from the ticket counter after quarreling with a gate worker. He asked the airline to find it but in vain.

Brooks then asked for the CCTV video from the airport. Upon getting the footage, he was shocked to see what happened to his bag.

The footage showed the gate agent he argued with ransacking his bag and dumping its contents into a garbage bin.

The airline refunded Brooks his travel costs and fired four employees involved in the loss of his bag.

In another case, Delta Air Lines passenger Peyton Thompson, 29, of Florida, found that her suitcase had lost one of its three wheels and another one was damaged when part of its shell casing was torn off when she claimed it at the baggage conveyor belt at Syracuse Hancock International Airport last 3 February.

Thompson filed a claim with the airline for damage and received an emailed response apologizing to her and promising to replace her suitcase.

After two weeks, Thompson received nine big boxes at the Airbnb place she was renting. When Thompson brought the packages home and unboxed them, she was shocked and amused to find 13 new suitcases, New York Post reported.

Thompson, however, was entitled to only one replacement for her damaged suitcase.

When she called Delta about the delivered suitcases, the airline called the luggage company that sent them to Thompson, according to NYP. It was a mistake and the luggage company sent Thompson postal slips which she used to ship back the excess baggage.

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