ASF vax results out soon, says pharma

Photo by Kameron Kincade on Unsplash

The Department of Agriculture expects to get the results soon from a clinical trial by KPP Powers Commodities Inc. for vaccines against African Swine Fever, which left more than 4,000 pigs in the country dead since a global outbreak in 2018.

“There is currently one vaccine trial. However, all of the vaccine trials are under a non-disclosure agreement,” the department’s Bureau of Animal Industry information officer Pia Martinez told the Daily Tribune last Friday.

Martinez said more details will be disclosed.

“We cannot give more information until these vaccines have completed the testing,” he said

Pinky Tobiano, chemist and chief executive officer of Progressive Laboratories and KPP Powers Commodities Inc., hinted in a recent television interview that initial results might be available soon.

Trial completed

“I cannot elaborate so much because the trial results will be out in a few weeks, together with the Bureau of Animal Industry. But by God’s grace, we’re going to help solve global food shortage because of African swine fever.”

Tobiano hopes the vaccine will be the Philippines’ first commercial vaccine against the fatal ASF virus, which is traditional in Africa and has spread to over 74 countries.

“I’m really praying that this will be the solution for a problem we are facing in agriculture and for food sustainability,” she added.

Last month, KPP Powers Commodities announced its team is developing ASF vaccines through a clinical trial under the supervision of the animal bureau.

A statement from the pharmaceutical firm said the vaccine trial might be completed in April this year, and that the pioneering vaccines will be distributed in partnership with AVAC Vietnam Joint Stock Co.

Data from the agriculture department showed 12 Philippine provinces — the latest is Cebu with 58 infected pigs — have been affected by the ASF.

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