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A British teenager has completed a grueling challenge to raise funds for a hospice.

Stephen Roberts, chief executive of North Devon Hospice, expressed gratitude to Max Woosey of Braunton for his donation of more than £700,000 that he raised for over 1,000 days since March 2020.

“The funds he raised for North Devon Hospice in this time have made a real difference to the patients and families we support,” Roberts said, according to ITV News.

“Max has directly funded 15 nurses for a whole year. In that time, those nurses will have supported in excess of 500 patients who were facing the impact of a life-limiting illness like cancer,” he added.

For three years, Woosey lived in a tent miles away from his home, the last site of which was in Broomhill Estate. The tent was a gift from a neighbor who is one of the hospice’s resident.

The teen capped his tent challenge with a celebratory campout where attendees bought tickets and the proceeds from the charity event were donated to the hospice.

Woosey was not only happy for helping the hospice but also for finally being able to sleep again on a bed.

Meanwhile, a gas station robber in China decided to return home after also camping out for a very long time to hide from police and avoid arrest.

Liu Moufu, from a village in Enshi, Hubei province, surrendered to police last 12 February and told officers he wanted to reunite with his family and live a normal life.

Liu, who is in his 50s, faces a minimum of three years and a maximum of 10 years in prison for stealing 156 yuan from a gas station, two mobile phones and a miner’s lamp, according to NextShark. When his two accomplices were arrested, he hid and lived in a cave near a cliff about 10 kilometers away from the nearest village in Enshi.

Liu survived in the cave for 14 years by “hunting and scavenging for food” and “stealing vegetables and meat from his old village,” NextShark reported.

His occasional meet up with his family members, however, was not enough. After missing his father’s funeral and his son’s wedding, Liu had had enough of living like a hermit and gave himself up.

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