Gender bender

Video conferencing app Zoom is popular for online meetings but there have been instances when it showed more than the faces of its users. There have been accidental exposures of intimate acts when users in a bedroom setting rushed into foreplay after leaving a virtual meeting, but forgot to turn off its camera and voice functions.

Zoom bombing, the video version of photo bombing, also exposed users to private parts or nudity of gate crashers to a virtual group meeting.

More than 220 bank representatives were on a Zoom call recently organized by the Mid-Size Bank Coalition of America to listen to a talk by the head of the United States Federal Reserve when a participant using the screen name “Dan” began displaying pornographic images a few minutes before the start of the conference, Reuters reported.

The MBCA was forced to cancel the Zoom meeting.

In China, censorship authorities help prevent or minimize online nudity and porn. Censors can quickly shut down sites showing indecent content.

Even the modeling of undergarments online by women is banned in China.

“Companies that feature women in scantily clad looks have a history of being shut down for violating China’s law against spreading obscene material online,” New York Post reported.

Several lingerie companies, however, have found a way to skirt the regulation. They boldly livestream videos of models wearing bras, corsets and nightgowns on Douyin, China’s version of video-sharing site TikTok, according to NYP.

One model from a company owned by Mr. Xu wore a sexy silky robe and the video went viral. Xu daringly defended their choice of models who don’t seem to provoke censors.

“Personally, we don’t really have a choice. The designs can’t be modeled by our female colleagues, so we will use our male colleagues to model it,” Xu told Jiupai News, according to NYP.

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