Boying orders new ‘gang rape’ fiscal

Justice Secretary Jesus Crispin “Boying” Remulla

A new prosecutor has been designated to handle the case of a 31-year-old woman who had accused 10 men of gang raping her in 2021 in Camarines Norte.

Justice Secretary Jesus Crispin “Boying” Remulla met with“Jasmine” last Tuesday at the DoJ office in Manila after reading her story in the 13 March issue of the Daily Tribune titled, “No money can compensate for gang rape.”

In the article, Jasmine recounted how she was offered P300,000 by one of the accused to settle the case out of court. The offer was coursed through her government-appointed lawyer, Jasmine said.

Remulla, according to a source privy to Jasmine being summoned by the DoJ secretary, expressed dismay that a prosecutor was seemingly going against the wishes of the complainant to push through with the rape case.

DNA test crucial

At the DoJ, Jasmine showed Remulla and his staff the death threats she had received through text messages since she accused the men of raping her during a celebration.

Remulla, whose department oversees the National Bureau of Investigation, ordered that Jasmine be given protection against those threatening to silence her for good.

Jasmine told this reporter that as she was being escorted to the bus terminal to return to Bicol, someone called her up purporting to be the new prosecutor assigned to represent her in the case.

She said that “win or lose,” she will pursue the case because she is not after money but only wants to see her attackers in jail. The DoJ is moving to have the case transferred from Daet to Legazpi, she said.
“They abused me. I begged them to stop but they only laughed as they had their way with me,” she said in Filipino.

She said she was raped on the floor of the house of one of the suspects when she asked to use the bathroom.

The men, including a former seaman, took turns raping her as some held her arms and her legs wide open, Jasmine said. She was then brought to a nearby nipa hut where she was raped again, she added.

The mother of two said she ran out and escaped without her underwear when she got the chance.

The underwear she wore when she went to the barangay office to report the incident will be used as evidence since it was “soaked” with her attackers’ semen, she said.

She said she was told the DNA samples from the underwear may not match samples that will be taken from the suspects considering many factors that may affect the reliability of DNA testing.

Jasmine, however, said she is taking her chances and pushing through with the case instead of listening to the people in her community who are urging her to “just accept the money and go on your way.”
She said she has chosen not to leave the town of her torment, notwithstanding the traumatic experience that has “stigmatized” her forever.

“Win or lose, what’s important is I fought to get justice,” she told this writer.

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