Thriller griller

Furniture has evolved into multifunctional household equipment. One example is the sofa bed that can be folded to become a couch or unfolded to be used for sleeping.

Craftsmen have also come up with a chair that is convertible into a ladder, as well as a center table with pullout chairs and extendable legs and surface for use in dining.

A piece of unique dual-purpose furniture is the bookshelf invented by British designer William Warren and featured in a design exhibit in London back in 2005. The wooden bookcase is both for the living and the dead.

“When you die, the shelves can be taken apart and reassembled as a coffin,” Warren said, according to Lit Hub.

A manual on the shelf posted on Lit Hub shows the breakdown of the parts that can be reassembled into a coffin.

For Vincent Levi Bayona Doletin, a funeral home operator in Pigcawayan, North Cotabato, a coffin is also for the living.

Doletin converted a casket given by his supplier from Pampanga into useful kitchen equipment. With help from his cousins, Ronnie Bura-ay and Taloy Bayona, they completed the macabre cookware in two days.

A recent post on Doletin’s “coffinasal” went viral on social media.

The interior of the 210-cm long and 70-cm wide coffin has a stainless steel charcoal smoker and it stands on legs made from steel angle bars.

Doletin has no plans of cooking and selling barbecue through his funerary griller for obvious reasons.

“My coffin grill is just for personal use,” he told

Foodies may have second thoughts on eating meat roasted through a coffin and sold by someone who prepares dead people for burial.

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