CA defers appointment of Tejano for 3rd time

Philippine Ambassador to Papua New Guinea Bienvenido Tejano

For the third time, the Commission on Appointments’ Foreign Relations panel deferred the deliberation on the ad interim appointment of Bienvenido Tejano as Philippine Ambassador to Papua New Guinea.

During Wednesday’s deliberation, Tejano, who also has concurrent jurisdiction over the Republic of Kiribati and the Solomon Islands, still failed to get the approval of the powerful constitutional body.

“We will tackle again the confirmation of Ambassador Tejano next week,” said Senator Jinggoy Estrada, who chairs the panel.

He said the next deliberation of the panel for Tejano’s confirmation would be on 22 March. He made the announcement after the panel proceeded with an executive session for more than two hours.

Senator Joseph Victor “JV” Ejercito moved to proceed to an executive session to tackle the nomination of Tejano “due to the sensitive nature of the opposition” to the latter’s confirmation.

The panel deliberated on and deferred Tejano’s nomination for the first time last February. His confirmation on 8 March was also deferred.

During the earlier hearing, Tejano was asked by the members of the panel about allegations of sexual assault against a Filipina household staff. Tejano denied the allegations.

Teehankee, two others confirmed

Unlike Tejano, the CA confirmed the ad interim appointments of Manuel Antonio Javier Teehankee as permanent Ambassador to the World Trade Organization; Rodillo Rivera as career minister; and Joyce Marison Camacho Quivooij as Foreign Service Officer, Class I.

Teehankee’s confirmation was also deferred by the powerful Constitutional body last week pending his submission of documents that had been signed to settle the trade disputes between the Philippines and Thailand.

President Ferdinand Marcos Jr. reappointed him for the same position last February.

Teehankee, a lawyer, held the same position under the administrations of former Presidents Rodrigo Duterte and Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo.

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