Beware of envy

His personal and political detractors organized a monster institution, the commission for good government, on the bases of hatred and envy, to seize all the alleged ‘ill-gotten wealth.’

The word of God tells us that where envy is, every evil thing you can think of you will find it there.

Envy has been overlooked by our historians who, from the memorable past, have been anemic in their defense of Ferdinand Sr. and his right to be recognized as superior and above all other political pretenders of his time.

Fame, power, and the world’s greatest fortune were possessed by Ferdinand Sr. The man and his country became the object of human envy and gossip generated globally by generations of the world’s population.

Ferdinand Sr. was the world’s number one victim of envy generated locally and globally.

People all around the world are by nature fond of talking about other people’s business. Both men and women can be nosy about the life of others. Secrets are brought out, failures and flaws are emphasized, and relationships are destroyed. Worse, as gossip is passed around it tends to be twisted until the final story ends up too far from the original — thus causing more damage.

Envy affects not only the lives of great men. It also affects the lives of ordinary people. It is more prevalent among the ignorant and unschooled, as Plato, Socrates, and Aristotle stated — ignorance is associated with the causes of many evils and troubles in human society.

Envy, which means “to look at with evil intent…,” and the so-called “Green-Eyed Monster” because it portrays someone who is looking so hard that his eyes turn green, is the uncomfortable feeling that one experiences when contemplating the good fortunes of others.

Envy shows in almost everything — career, family, status, car, property and education, among others.

An envious person is hurt, angry and upset because he wants what the other man has for himself. And even going further, he wants the other person to pay for it.

Envy is wanting to destroy what someone else has, not letting him continue having it for himself. It is a deep-rooted issue, where one is resentful of another person’s well-being — his looks, position, or property. It is pure malice, and pure hatred and goes against the laws of love and solidarity.

Others’ envy of Ferdinand Sr. was total and ruthless.

His personal and political detractors organized a monster institution, the commission for good government, on the bases of hatred and envy, to seize all the alleged “ill-gotten wealth” of Ferdinand Sr. with the ultimate purpose of rendering him, and his family, poor and helpless.

But their idiocy was no match for the foresight and genius of Ferdinand Sr. for up to now his “secret account” has remained secret under a difficult process complicated by time and envy generated locally and globally, that only his son as he destined it will be able to open.

Because of envy of Ferdinand Sr., the conspirators invented the phrase “ill-gotten wealth” as their solid basis for seizing everything known to be owned by President Ferdinand Marcos, his family, and his cronies.

How can there be ill-gotten wealth when Ferdinand Sr. was the richest man in the world, even before he became president of this country? It is a matter of simple logic, the strongest basis for the global assertion.

It was part of the demolition campaign not only against Ferdinand Sr. but also against the Filipino people because the main intention of the conspirators was to seize the entire wealth of Ferdinand Sr., including the Maharlika account in the Central Bank of the Philippines.

World historians must do justice to the honor, dignity, and stature of President Ferdinand Edralin Marcos as a world leader, if not the best, at least one among the world’s best.

The National Historical Commission must be strengthened and not merely be an attached agency.

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