What is psychic diagnosis?

What is psychic diagnosis? It is the mental ability or power to tell accurately and immediately what a person is suffering from without using any medical instrument. I have seen many of our spiritual healers perform psychic diagnosis with extraordinary accuracy.

I, myself, never imagined I possessed this ability. It manifested itself after I came back from Europe in 1979 when my magnetic healing power was apparently opened up. According to a Theosophist friend, it was like a stirring of my soul memory.

Mita’s severe stomach pain
I was in my office in Quezon City when one of my female section heads named Mita C. complained of severe stomach pains. She had already gone to the company clinic and took medicine but the pain persisted. So, she came to ask permission to go home. I could not let her go because she had to finish a very important report I was to submit to the executive vice president of the firm that day. I asked her if she would like me to try to treat her psychically. Fortunately, she agreed since she knew of my work in the field of psychic research and paranormal healing. She had complete confidence in me, which I believe facilitated the psychic energy transference that took place later.

Photograph courtesy of Jaime T. Licauco
The late faith healer Gary Magno diagnosing a female patient using white cloth like an X-ray machine

I invited Mita to my room and asked my secretary to observe what happens. I locked the door to ensure we would not be disturbed by anybody. I asked Mita to sit down on a chair, close her eyes, and relax. I sat some two feet away from her. My secretary seated herself on a sofa facing us. I closed my eyes, took a few deep, rhythmic breaths and concentrated on her stomach. Strangely enough, I saw a bluish color on the upper part of her abdomen and a blackish color on the lower part. I seemed to know intuitively that the problem lay in that blackish portion of her stomach. I concentrated on that part wishing it to be healed. A short while later, I saw the blackish portion slowly becoming bluish like its upper part. When the two colors became the same, I felt the healing was complete and I opened my eyes.

I saw Mita in a very relaxed pose with her eyes still closed. She seemed startled when I asked her to open her eyes. She had gone into a light trance and was not yet completely back to her normal self. She looked dazed. I asked her how she felt and after touching her stomach, she smiled and said the pain was gone. I asked her if she was sure and she replied, yes, and thanked me for the healing. She described how she felt a very strong and warm energy on her abdomen while I was concentrating on her and she felt very, very relaxed. Afterwards, she noticed the pain going away slowly until it completely disappeared.

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