PNP launches e-booking system

Azurin said police investigators and intelligence operatives will now have easy access to the database of arrested persons in the country

The Philippine National Police on Monday launched its E-Booking System to fully digitalize the booking process of arrested persons and make the collection and cross-matching of fingerprints easier.

The system uses an automated fingerprint identification system that is expected to increase the crime-solution efficiency of the police, PNP chief General Rodolfo Azurin Jr. said.

Azurin said police investigators and intelligence operatives will now have easy access to the database of arrested persons in the country.

He stressed that the PNP, with the move, is easing its manual collection of information pertaining to arrested persons.

He added the Directorate for Investigation and Detective Management of the PNP would be able to fully digitalize the booking process, which includes taking fingerprints and the so-called mug shots of arrested persons.

“Through this, the collection and cross-matching of fingerprints will now be faster and more efficient,” Azurin said. “This will further increase the crime solution efficiency of the PNP.”

“I commend the DIDM — through the leadership of P/Maj. Gen. Eliseo Cruz, for being one of the paragons of excellence in the organization,” said Azurin in his speech during the flag-raising ceremony at Camp Crame in Quezon City on Monday.

Azurin also thanked Justice Secretary Jesus Crispin “Boying” Remulla for his presence during the launch of the system and his support for the program.

“Your presence today further solidifies the tight bond among the pillars of the criminal justice system,” Azurin said.

Remulla highlighted the importance of fostering a strong partnership between the PNP and the DoJ.

“The Department of Justice and Philippine National Police should always stand side by side, hand in hand in battling the enemies of the state, especially those who commit crimes and violate our penal laws,” Remulla said.

He emphasized that their partnership could help improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the criminal justice system, leading to a more just and equitable society.

He also lauded the PNP for initiating a national police clearance system without any private provider. “I give due credit to PNP for having an independent e-system that does not allow itself to be part of a “racket,” Remulla stressed.

Meanwhile, the PNP said it will open more offices where the public could easily obtain a police clearance, a requirement in job applications, as well as government and private sector transactions.

The PNP has signed a memorandum of agreement with SM Supermalls and Citymalls for the expansion of the National Police Clearance System in their respective commercial establishments.

Aside from police camps, Azurin said individuals can now apply and get a police clearance from branches of SM malls and Citymalls across the country.

“Through this, our National Police Clearance System will also be available in more National Police Clearance Desks in SM malls and Citymalls,” Azurin said. “This initiative will certainly bring police services to the public at their most convenient time and location,” he added.

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