Trashy but pricey

A unique jacket has been tagged as a creepy coat for its reportedly “sickening” look.

The customized clothing made by The Flesh Crafter is not for the faint-hearted. It is pricey at $720 apiece on the online store eBay. Also, it is a human skin jacket, Jam Press and New York Post reported.

Inspired by the coat crafted by the serial killer Buffalo Bill in Jonathan Demme’s 1991 thriller “The Silence of the Lambs,” the seller of the HSJ said the coats are only made to resemble human flesh and are not actually comprised of the real thing, according to NYP.

The maker said he covers a customer’s jacket with a replica of human skin. The gory garment is made of a unique “silicone latex laminates,” NYP said.

Netizens had mixed reactions upon seeing photos of the garment on social media. Some who thought it is made from human skin were disgusted while others were impressed with the design.

If it takes a lot of guts to wear an HSJ, it’s crazy to buy and wear something that looks like “trash.”

Balenciaga has come up with a new fashion product, a baseball cap with damaged peaks, the portion that shades the forehead and eyes.

Made of tattered blue denim, the Laser Destroyed Cap is embroidered with the Balenciaga logo on the panel. The cap sells for $360 each.

The price should be fair though as it may have cost the maker a fortune to market the new product if not used a high-energy laser in zapping the cap just to create the burnt spots on the left and right rims of the peak.

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