The Hyundai HD45GT gets work done

Photograph courtesy of Hyundai Hyundai HD45 GT Dropside configuration.

The Hyundai HD45 GT is a versatile and reliable light-duty truck that caters to the needs of small business owners, contractors, and fleet managers. It is an ideal choice for transporting goods and equipment over short and medium distances, making it popular across various industries.

Its many popular applications, which include closed vans, refrigerated vans, man lifters, flat beds, and mobile service cars, ease up hauling needs, especially for you who are engaged in delivering cargo, such as food, medicine, garments, fresh farm produce, light construction material, or mobile services on-demand, like pet care and electronics and automotive repair.

Compact on the outside but spacious within, the HD45 GT is available in medium and long wheelbase. The medium wheelbase has 14-15 feet (ft) of loading space, while the long 16-ft wheelbase can stretch up to 18 ft of loading space. Whether for stowage or as a rest area, it provides extra operating potential, especially for long-distance jobs.

The seemingly lightweight 2.9-liter Turbocharged CRDi diesel engine of the HD45 GT delivers up to 160ps or the kind of power and torque you need for hauling, long-distance travel, and uphill driving with cargo while keeping fuel consumption to the minimum. Additionally, the rear-wheel drive enhances its towing capacity while improving its overall handling.

The power take-off feature adds value as it can power up onboard equipment, like towing winches, hydraulic pumps, generators, air compressors, pneumatic blowers,and vacuum pumps.

The spacious cabin of the HD45 GT can accommodate up to three passengers comfortably, with seats that are designed to provide ample support during long drives. while the dashboard and controls are well-organized and user-friendly for easy access to various functions. Moreover, for ease of maintenance, the cab tilts up to 46 degrees.

Hyundai’s world-class truck is designed and built to lighten your heavy hauling needs and for you to explore the vast possibilities in the quick delivery of products or services. As a four-wheeler with a gross vehicle weight of 1490kg, it is exempt from the truck ban, allowing you more opportunities to profit in your business.

Overall, the Hyundai HD45 GT is an excellent choice for businesses looking for a reliable light-duty truck with impressive performance capabilities and ample cargo space.

Get to know more about the Hyundai HD45 GT at your nearest authorized Hyundai truck and bus dealership. Email [email protected], or visit the Facebook page: Hyundai Trucks and Buses Philippines to know more about the features and latest offers on Hyundai commercial vehicles.

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