PBBM: Science community vital for socio-econ goals

President Ferdinand R. Marcos Jr. emphasized the importance of the science community in achieving the country’s socio-economic goals.

Speaking before the National Research Council of the Philippines’ Annual Scientific Conference and 90th General Membership Assembly in Pasay City on 10 March, Marcos cited what science can do to achieve sustainable agricultural technology, safe and affordable medicines, and green energy.

“By integrating science and good governance, we build a future where our children can look back to our generation and say that we did truly change the 21st century,” he said.

Meanwhile, Department of Science and Technology Secretary Renato Solidum Jr. said they feel honored and grateful to be joined by the President, whose presence inspires the science community to provide the necessary research-based services to achieve the country’s socio-economic goals through fundamental research.

Research, he said has always been a critical backbone in the development of every country.

“To sustain our efforts in accelerating research and development in the Philippines, we need to concentrate on establishing and strengthening extensive networks of individuals who can help address the demand for knowledge, skills, and innovations,” he said, citing the importance of concentrating on establishing a visionary, understandable, clear, agile, diverse and digitally transformed future.

The DoST, he said, continuously refine the country’s Harmonized National Research and Development Agenda with the support of the government and private institutions and agencies.

“We emphasize that disasters can be averted by anticipating future scenarios and understanding the associated risks. Therefore, we contribute to the development of a society that is agile and ready to face the uncertainties of the future,” he said.

The NRCP is an advisory body to the government by providing data-driven and evidence-based recommendations for policymaking and legislation.

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