mWellMD empowers doctors, patients anytime, anywhere

The Philippines’ healthcare mega app introduced a tool that empowers doctors to grow their practice and serve patients anytime, anywhere with its fully digital features.

Fresh from its win as the Best Mobile Innovation for Digital Life in the 2023 Global Mobile Awards in Barcelona, Spain, Metro Pacific Investments Corporation’s mWell launches the mWellMD app — a virtual clinic designed by doctors for doctors.

In an event dubbed mWellMD Live, the Philippines’ healthcare mega app introduced a tool that empowers doctors to grow their practice and serve patients anytime, anywhere with its fully digital features. mWellMD allows doctors to attend to patients on their mobile phones 24/7, easily manage schedules and patient records, and be notified of upcoming patient schedules. Built with the doctor’s experience in mind, it provides a seamless experience from sign-up to consultation.

MPIC president, chairman, CEO, and mWell chairman Manny V. Pangilinan said, “We’re committed to delivering innovative healthcare solutions for small app users and our partner doctors. mWellMD’s future-proof platform empowers Filipino doctors to reach more through technology.”

MPIC chief finance, fisk, and sustainability officer and mWell CEO Chaye Cabal-Revilla added, “mWell not only cares for our users but our partner doctors as well. A smooth doctor experience is an important part of mWell’s operations, and we make it a point to listen to and respond to their needs. Through the mWellMD app, we can deliver a seamless end-to-end journey allowing them to consult and grow their practice conveniently. With help from our partner doctors, mWell’s fully integrated digital healthcare ecosystem will offer our countrymen here and abroad convenient access to quality healthcare.”

‘Mobile clinic’

The mWellMD app is loaded with tools allowing doctors to manage their practice — from patient records, consults, billings and professional fees — on their mobile phones. They can even communicate with their staff and refer patients to other doctors. Practice data and patient data are accessible anytime, anywhere.

With just a click of a button on mobile, they can utilize an efficient appointment booking system for their online clinics and conveniently do online consultations for patients using the mWell app. Soon, enhanced features and a more comprehensive range of tools will be available for doctors via mWellMD Advanced.

Seamless doctor experience

Doctors were engaged to create the platform and test the system to ensure the whole application was seamless, intuitive, and user-friendly.

“The best healthcare platform tries to involve not only the growing needs of doctors but also the industry,” says mWell chief technology officer Dr. Mike Muin. “We are going beyond telemedicine — we are building solutions for doctors to improve their practices and lives.” As a medical doctor with over twenty years of healthcare IT experience, he says doctors like him will always look for better solutions to respond to constant challenges in healthcare.

Reliable operations and tech support

For mWell, every doctor is a VIP. To provide the assistance they need, tech experts are on-call 24/7 to assist partner doctors and respond to their questions as soon as possible. Doctors can also depend on a dedicated operations team for regular training sessions and updates to ensure that they will always have a smooth experience on the mWellMD platform.

With its holistic cybersecurity strategy and end-to-end cybersecurity operational framework to Predict, Prevent, Detect and Respond to all cyber threats, backed by sophisticated technologies and highly skilled cybersecurity professionals, mWellMD is following global security standards to ensure the security and protection of all Personal Information that is stored, processed, and transmitted in its system belonging to both the doctors and patients.

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