Women, power and leadership

There are so many women who manifest visible and palpable leadership today than ever before. This is because of the vast opportunities open to women through scholarships in higher education and better employment that women are able to seize the opportunities to better themselves.

In the Philippines, we are fortunate to have big families and maids who are able to help women concentrate on their career pursuits without the worries of family responsibilities. Today, we see a vast improvement and upsurge of increasing prominence of women in positions of leadership in government, business, NGOs and other sectors of life.

How do we define leadership? According to the Webster dictionary, “leaders define clarifying goals for a group of individuals and bring together the energies of members of that group to pursue their goals.” A leader can define or clarify goals through strength of commands, gentle persuasion, discussions and through their purposeful example.

THE time for women leaders is now.

In Asia, women leaders are often found to be gentle but firm. They would rather lead in a low-key respectful kind of leadership that allows her followers to obey because the directive is done with love, respect and compassion. Today women are playing visible, confident and authoritative kind of leadership borne by experience and education in areas of business, religious activities, civic involvements, cultural affairs, charity for the poor and care for the sick.

Today, we see Filipinas taking on leadership roles in all aspects of life and doing a good job in running the enterprise. They have become more comfortable with exercising authority and holding power and are openly vocal about their ambitions. They focus their strength in knowing that work is accomplished with competence and integrity. To women leaders, sex or gender is not a relevant issue.

The time for women leaders to shine is NOW. It is high time for women leaders to get the full support from husbands, partners, families, colleagues, the community and the global stage. Today women leaders are able to prove themselves as capable and equal to men because they possess compassion, care, understanding, an eye for details and humility which spells all the difference.

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