‘Pulong’ rejects RBH No. 6, says it’s untimely

Davao City Representative Paolo Duterte expressed his reservation on the immediate approval of RHB No. 6 as he questioned its timing.

Duterte said that there are many pressing issues needed to be prioritized like social and economic problems the country is facing.

 “This is to express our irresolution with the immediate approval of RBH No. 6,” Duterte said in a statement.

“To reiterate, we are not in opposition against the said measure per se, but we suppose that it is not timely, our country is facing more pressing social and economic issues, like inflation and poverty among others, that we need to prioritize,” said Duterte.

The lawmaker pointed out that the billions of pesos intended for the Constitutional Convention on Charter change could better be used to alleviate the lives of the Filipinos.

“The billions to be allocated for the Constitutional Convention could be utilized instead  to other programs intended to improve the living conditions of thousands of Filipino families,” Duterte said.

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