Name of the lord

There was a time when elementary school teachers told students to drink eight glasses of water a day. Why eight glasses is anybody’s guess though. The scientific basis and origin of the advice are unknown.

Nevertheless, everyone should drink as much water as they need daily. The feeling of thirst is enough of a reminder to do this. One guy, a graduating communications student of Far Eastern University, also reminds us in his own, unusual way.

Friends, classmates, teachers and anyone who knows Drink Water Rivera get the thirst-quenching thought whenever they see or talk to him. Rivera became a social media sensation when netizens saw an online post of a photo showing his school ID that bears his unique name.

A tweet from @itwontworkelija calling Drink Water “the best Filipino name in existence” got more than 82,000 hearts in one day, reported.

Explaining how he got the name, Rivera said his mother wanted to drink water and have a bottle of it by her side when she was in the hospital giving birth to him, so she named him that.

It’s a different case for 46-year-old Colombian Rene Martinez Gutierrez. In 2010, Gutierrez went to a police station in Bogota to get judicial records he needed to put up a business. He was arrested on the spot because of his name, but released after eight days, The Sun reported.

The following year, Gutierrez was locked up in the infamous La Picota jail for two months for the same reason as his first detention. The man was released after he proved that it was a mistaken identity.

Gutierrez and his family later migrated to the United States. When he returned to Colombia last month to visit his sick father, Interpol agents boarded the plane carrying him when it stopped on the airport runway. They asked for his ID and after confirming his name, escorted him away, according to The Sun.

As in his previous arrests, Gutierrez had to prove while in the Los Martires police station jail that he is not the same person as the Peruvian drug lord long wanted by Interpol with exactly the same name as his.

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