Top picks for oral care

Good oral hygiene help achieve overall physical and emotional well-being

Chins up, and get your beautiful smiles on! Establishing good oral hygiene is key to having a beautiful smile and raising confidence.
What else does good oral hygiene bring? It prevents you from having bad breath, suffering tooth decay, and keeps your teeth strong as you get older. It also goes beyond just giving you a great smile you can flash to everyone.

Good oral hygiene can also help you achieve overall physical and emotional well-being as it can impact your diet and physical appearance.
Health and wellness retailer Watsons is the Filipino family’s partner in achieving joyful smiles. From toothbrushes and toothpaste to mouthwashes and other oral care needs, Watsons has everything to keep your teeth
and gums bright and strong.

Here are some oral care must-haves you can get from over 1,000 Watsons stores nationwide or online via the Watsons website or app.

Toothbrushes and toothpastes

When getting the right oral care products for everyday routine, it’s good to choose a toothbrush that can also be gentle on your teeth and gums like the Oral B Toothbrush 3D White Soft and Cleene Clio Toothbrush Dentabright Colors. Their smooth bristles prevent plaque
build-up on your teeth and won’t damage your gums, helping you avoid bad breath and have a lovely smile.

You can depend on the Sensodyne Deep Cleaning Toothpaste for sensitive gums, which thoroughly cleans sensitive teeth, freshens your breath, and protects your teeth against cavities. Those who have sensitive gums don’t have to worry, as this provides sensitivity relief and longing sensitivity protection.

Want to have pearly white teeth? Oral-B 3D White Luxe Diamond Strong offers the most advanced whitening technology that removes stains for whiter teeth.

GET the right everyday oral care products.

Reveal your healthiest and brightest smile yet with the Sparkle Triple White Toothpaste that keeps your teeth strong, clean, and fresh.

Level up as you flash your healthy teeth and gums and radiate your confidence with the help of the Colgate Optic White O2 Teeth Whitening Kit. This whitening treatment is created with revolutionary technology and has a super-charged whitening action.

This kit contains a whitening LED device paired with a teeth-whitening pen and active oxygen whitening serum enhanced by the effective wavelength of the patented indigo LED light Device.

Worry no more as this gently whitens your teeth inside and out, giving you that gorgeous smile and healthy gums.


Complete your healthy oral care routine by using a mouthwash.

Prevent oral problems such as tooth decay and gum diseases with the Oracare Cool Mouthrinse. This contains stabilized chlorine dioxide with oxidizing action, which can easily kill harmful bacteria that help you give fresher breath.

Gargling is an effective remedy for sore throat. Bactidol Oral Antiseptic works in 30 seconds to kill up to 99 percent of sore throat-causing viruses so it won’t worsen to cause flu, cough, and cold.

Remember to floss, brush, and gargle after every meal.

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