How can I feel better?

We all have good days and bad days. There are no exceptions. Everyone has gone through that “less than 100 percent feeling.” After all, we do have mortal bodies that are subject to stress, pain, and injury. This is the downside of being human. But cheer up! There is a reason to celebrate. You are capable of healing — body, mind, and spirit. Yes, you can heal. And definitely, there is such a thing as self-healing.

There are a few signs that signal the fact that you are in need of healing

You are not responsive to emotion, avoid or evade it, and do not like being hugged.

You are short-tempered. This means that you have a short fuse and a low tolerance to stress.

You have frequent tension headaches, migraines, fatigue, and stomach upsets.

You are more nervous than usual. You are startled by the simplest of  distractions.

You have erratic sleeping hours or have difficulty falling asleep.

You are overthinking.

Self-healing is a process where the three aspects of your entity — body, mind, and spirit converge in harmony. This sets out to create balance where there is none.

Recovery should be gentle by way of the following:

Set your recovery goals, for example: To be in optimal physical shape and condition. A good start is a healthier you. Begin with fresh, natural foods like vegetables and fruits.

Photograph courtesy of Unsplash/Hayley Murray
allow yourself more sleep time.

Get enough sleep. Or allow yourself more sleep time.

Declare today a holiday free from deadlines, social obligations and business meetings.

Replace processed foods with natural and unprocessed food and beverage choices. This means limiting your canned good options.

Photograph courtesy
of Unsplash/Amoon Ra
Replace processed foods with natural and unprocessed food.

Replace the bad habits with good ones. Instead of drinking a glass of wine, replace it with a refreshing veggie-fruit juice.

Do not swear. Speak only life-affirming, positive words.

Exercise daily.

Listen to music and do free-flowing movements with your body.

Photograph courtesy of Unsplash/Daniel Fontenele
Listen to music.

Breath deeply and calmly.

Ground yourself. Stand barefoot on the grass or seashore. Feel the moment.

Bask in early morning sunshine even for just 10 minutes daily.

Sing whenever and wherever. It doesn’t matter if you are out of tune. Sing anyway.

Have a good massage.

Try meditation.

Say an affirmation every day.

Affirmation: “I am ready for the next exciting chapter of my life.”

Love and light.

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