Cashless withdrawal

Luck ran out on some thieves lately.

When police stopped the car being driven by Mickal Parker, in Greenbriar Parkway SW, Atlanta, Georgia early morning of 28 January, he caught the officers off guard by running to their patrol car and speeding off.

Unable to pursue Parker, police radioed for help instead. It didn’t take long for the assisting Georgia State Patrol officers, with helicopter support, to find the carjacker.

A video taken by the police chopper showed the stolen police cruiser flipped to its side on train tracks near McDonough Boulevard SE and Hank Aaron Drive SE, Atlanta News First reported. The carjacker was still inside as a train was coming.

Parker, fortunately, was pulled out from the disabled car by one of the police officers on the scene before the train rammed it. He was not as fortunate afterwards as he was arrested and charged with theft, fleeing, eluding, reckless driving, obstruction, and damage to city property.

Meanwhile, a gang of robbers forced open with a blowtorch an automated teller machine of a State Bank of India branch in Korutla town, Telangana State in the wee hours of 15 January.

The security alarm at the ATM kiosk went off during the robbery, alerting bank staff who then called the local police, The Hindu reported.

The ensuing helter-skelter was caught on a street CCTV camera, its video later going viral on social media. As the robbers were escaping with 19 lakh (Php1.26 million) in cash, police arrived and hit the thieves’ getaway vehicle parked outside the bank.

Curiously, the robbers managed to drive off, one of them falling from the car. But the responding cops failed to stop the getaway vehicle and seize the fallen robber who quickly got up and hopped back inside.

As the robbers were escaping, cash then flew out from the car windows. The thieves threw the stolen money to the street in what may have been a diversionary tactic to escape.

The police, however, could not pursue the robbers as their car reportedly stalled after hitting the getaway sedan earlier. They simply recovered the money strewn on the street fronting the bank.

The amount turned out to be the entire money the robbers took from the ATM. The police were puzzled and relieved at the same time that the stolen money had been fully recovered.

The robbers, escaping empty-handed, are now wanted by the police.

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