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Lovers who fade away from a relationship without giving a reason can leave their partners endlessly wondering what her/his fault was or what caused the unofficial breakup.

New York-based comedian, writer, and actor Stephanie D’Agostini, for one, finds it frustrating to be ghosted by her dates, including a prospective boyfriend she didn’t even like. To satisfy her curiosity or for peace of mind, D’Agostini posted on TikTok an exit survey to find out why her dates left without saying a word, New York Post reported.

The first question in the ghosting exit survey that she emailed to her disappearing dates reads: “Please provide a one- to two-sentence example of why you did it.”

Other questions are: “Please circle if I am more cute, hot, sexy or pretty” and “please select a form of compensation” for the time she spent with her ghosting dates. The compensation options include sending her his Netflix password, dedicating his life to winning her back, using her voicemails in a rap song, or publicly referring to her as “the one that got away.”

In the unlikely event that her ghosting exit survey is ignored, D’Agostini may be consoled by the fact that it has gone viral with more than 44,000 TikTokers liking it to date.

If ghosting is heartbreaking enough, being stood up on your wedding day is worst.

Groom Jericho Sabado was without his bride at their recent wedding ceremony in Dipaculao, Aurora. He pushed through with the nuptials despite the absence of his bride as he did not want the prepared and already paid reception, including the slaughtered pig, to go to waste, GTV “State of the Nation” reported.

It was not the worst case of ghosting though. Sabado’s bride could not make it because she delivered their baby that same day.

The groom exchanged vows with his bride through video call, with a mannequin wearing her bridal gown, standing on her behalf in front of the priest at the altar.

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