Tatsulok showcases Filipiniana products in Cebu

The Holistic Coalition of the Willing and MAGNA CMGN Solutions Inc., recently presented TATSULOK, A Lifestyle Popup that featured Filipino products  from Balay Ni Atong by Al Valenciano, the contemporary Filipiniana outfits and bags from Filip+Inna by Lenora Luisa Cabili and the exquisite heirloom and antique jewelry of Natalia Lagdameo.

The event, which aimed to feature products inspired by the craftmanship of different communities and indigenous people, showcased beautiful soft silk scarves and hard silk fabrics using natural dyes by Valenciano.

“They are traditional, but what we do is  make them more current by transforming them  into products that are reusable,” explained Valenciano, whose venture into the design business was accidental. He started by researching traditional textiles for museums and  worked with the communities in Ilocos region to learn how these are woven. He then sold the finished products to close friends, providing additional income for the communities.

Al then decided to professionalize the production, giving the community the direction on colors with designs based on tradition. He has gained recognition for his innovations in preserving traditions like sustainable silkworm culture to produce very fine and stunning silk fiber.

Lenora Luisa Cabili  works with several indigenous people, mostly in Mindanao and traditional groups in the Philippine. Her designs are usually Filipina basics focusing on its culture and traditions and pieces in embroidery such as the Kimona, Camisa, Terno, tapis and saya.

Tinalak bag in orange in mixed cotton and raffia by Balay ni Atong.

Natalia Lagdameo started her jewelry business with having a personal collection of heirloom pieces such as colonials, tambourines and creollas. Her jewelry is inspired by designs from antique and heirloom Filipino, made of brass embellished with precious to semi-precious stones. She also does meticulous restoration of genuine antiques.

Lagdameo’s best-selling creation is the Giniling bangles, thin gold-plated brass bangles worn by the indigenous group of the Cordillera region. Each one represents a significant date in a woman’s life.

Natalia Lagdameo’s signature creation, Giniling bangles.

Debbie Palao, co-founder of HoliCOW and multi talented designer, assured their commitment and creative collaboration with like-minded entrepreneurs who work closely with grassroots communities in cultivating and preserving tradition.

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