Remote SIM registration rolls out

The National Telecommunications Commission said Thursday that the timely rollout of the SIM card registration, especially in remote areas, will contribute to the success of President Ferdinand Marcos Jr.’s priority legislation.

Thus, the state-run agency helped facilitated the official launch of registration in rural areas today, which according to Officer-in-Charge Commissioner Ella Blanca B. Lopez, will maximize the subscribers’ participation in the process.

“Part of making (the President’s) priority legislation become a success, the NTC, through the concerted effort of its Regional Offices and in coordination with the telcos and relevant government agencies, aims to ensure the proper conduct of the SIM Registration in remote areas,” Lopez said.

“The endeavor is aimed at maximizing SIM subscriber participation in the SIM Registration process, thereby helping ensure the successful implementation of the SIM Registration Act,” she added.

The NTC has identified 45 remote areas within 15 regions of the country to put up satellite SIM registration sites.

The areas were finalized based on the number of Geographically Isolated and Disadvantaged Areas or GIDA barangays, population, and access infrastructure.

On top of these parameters, the NTC Regional Offices also noted the areas’ proximity to regional centers and availability of land transportation and activation areas as they held a tabletop analysis of the actual condition of the sites.

The launch of these physical registration sites is a joint undertaking of the following: Inter-Agency Ad Hoc Committee on the Facilitation of SIM Registration in Remote Areas: the Departments of Information and Communications Technology, Interior and Local Government, Education, Public Works, and Highways, as well as the Armed Forces of the Philippines, the Philippine National Police, the National Privacy Commission, and the Philippine Information Agency.

Based on the NTC’s consolidated data as of Wednesday, more than 24.92 million users have successfully registered their SIM cards. They make up 14.75 percent of the country’s total subscribers.

Smart Communications Inc. reported a total of 12.60 million SIMs registered, which was 18.54 percent of its 67.99 million subscribers. Meanwhile, Globe Telecom Inc. recorded 10.29 million registered — 11.71 percent of its 87.87 subscribers.

DITO Telecommunity Corp., on the other hand, logged a total of 2.02 SIMs registered, or 15.42 percent of its 13.10 million subscribers.

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