Maggie Wilson, may pasabog

Isang pasabog na naman ang pinakawalan ng entrepreneur and ex-beauty queen na si Maggie Wilson at ayon sa kanya ay marami umanong nag-offer sa kanya ng malaking halaga para ma-interview sa paghihiwalay nila ng estrange husband na si Victor Consunji, Jr., founder at CEO ng VCDC.

Paglilinaw niya, kahit isa ay wala siyang tinanggap at pinagbigyan.

“In the last year, I got offered to do so many interviews to give my side of the story, (many of them were willing to pay me) I never agreed. In fact, I ignored the requests,” sabi ni Maggie.

“He can pay the press to write beautiful things about him and his business to cover up the mess he is. It’s shocking to see that he allocated a budget of nearly 1M dollars (almost 50M pesos) for press releases, some of which was used to block news and write negative things. Never believe anything you read unless it comes directly from the source. His family may have done some amazing things. Stop riding off of their coattails. To anyone who’s has purchased, done business or in bed with him, you will get screwed. It’s only a matter of time,” sabi pa ni Maggie.

Base sa post niya bago pumasok ang taong 2023, “2022, you were tough. I cried the most I’ve ever cried this year. You had me on the floor.

“There were many times I wanted to give up. I faked a smiled on so many days I felt sad. I don’t wish that on anyone, even those who hurt me the most.

“For the coming year, I promised myself that I would take control of my mental and emotional well-being. I am constantly laying down more boundaries where I see fit while learning. I previously gave so much of myself away to people who don’t deserve it.

“This year will be different. I will no longer let people walk all over me. I’ve already started the journey. Many people may not like me because I’ve changed but that’s OK. I’m doing this for me.

“A friendship or relationship is give and receive. To the family, friends and people who have shown me love, compassion and given me support, appreciate you. Thank you! Cheers to a better new year!” aniya pa.

Ang daming netizens na humanga kay Maggie sa pagiging matapang at hindi nagpadaig sa anumang isyung ibinabato sa kanya.

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