Fuel, transpo costs boost egg prices


The rising costs in fuel and transportation costs are most likely contributing to the increase in egg prices in the Philippines, a group of egg producers said on Wednesday.

“Crude oil has become more expensive; toll fees and other costs have an impact for those who collect eggs from the farm,” Philippine Egg Board chairman Gregorio San Diego explained in a television interview.

“It is inevitable that eggs break along the way, so maybe they calculate everything, that’s why (egg producers) have to increase the prices of their products,” he mentioned.

San Diego also noted the decrease in egg production as egg producers previously said that there was an increase in feed prices due to Avian flu.

When asked if egg prices may increase higher, San Diego said that this will depend on the economy.

“The egg producers cannot store eggs because these will rot if stored for a long time. So (egg) prices will only increase up to the level that people can buy,” San Diego said.

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