Booby trap

Ukrainian troops not only risk death and injury from Russian missile attacks and shelling, but also from landmines littering battlefields.

Landmine Monitor, which monitors progress in eliminating landmines, cluster munitions and other explosive remnants of war, now counts Ukraine as one of nine countries with more than 100 square kilometers of land contaminated with explosives, UCA News reported.

Helping minimize casualties are Ukraine army’s deminers or sappers who clear grounds of any planted bombs.

Of course, the job of finding and disabling booby traps is as dangerous as fighting Russian forces in the frontlines.

Ukrainian deminer Stanislav Kulykiusky counted 64 deminers injured and 13 killed since the war with Russia started on 24 February, according to UCA News.

Ukraine needs more sappers so its army recently sent some members to Cambodia to train on finding, defusing, and disposing mines.

Cambodian bomb squads happen to be the experts in demining as they have been clearing their post-war country of unexploded bombs for the past 30 years.

Meanwhile, Ukrainian doctors also have a role in removing unexploded munitions.

Major General of the Medical Service Andrei Verba, one of the most experienced surgeons of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, posted last 9 January on the Ukrainian Military Medics’ Facebook page photos showing his team of doctors and a couple of sappers removing a so-called VOG that is fired from a grenade launcher.

The operation was successful as the grenade surgically extracted from inside the chest of a wounded Ukrainian soldier did not explode.

The patient also survived and was sent for rehabilitation and recovery after the operation, according to the post.

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