Prison cash scheme under probe

Bureau of Corrections officer-in-charge Gregorio Catapang said there are about 30 wardens of the bureau who are under investigation over the handling of money of the persons deprived of liberty.

Last Monday in an ambush interview at the New Bilibid Prisons in Muntinlupa City, Catapang bared that they confiscated over P300,000 in cash handed to jail guards and personnel for safekeeping by inmates.

He said they are still determining where the PDLs were supposed to use the money. The confiscated money was also put under custody, he said.

The BuCor official said he doubts whether the money will be used in a good way because PDLs are not allowed to spend more than P2,000 a day.

Catapang said with the discovery they will be implementing reforms with regard to the provision of money to the PDLs.

A system will be created wherein the sender and recipient of the money must go to the office, register the money being sent, and give the money personally to the intended PDL.

The transactions will also be put in a logbook and videoed and have a witness so that the scheme will not happen again.

Another kind of illegal activity guards were running in jail was to take a 10 percent to 12 percent cut from the money families electronically sent to the PDLs.

Last Monday, Justice Secretary Jesus Crispin Remulla said the cut guards took from money sent to PDLs could be as high as 20%.

Remulla said there is so much corruption inside the BuCor facilities thus they have to address the matter to avoid such abuse of authority.

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