Fire, metal industries rule this year

Photographs courtesy of EastWest Patrick Lim Fernandez

According to Feng Shui master Patrick Lim Fernandez, the Year of the Water Rabbit is the “peak of spring,” when much strength and energy is reintegrated into society.

He added that industries with fire and metal elements will benefit the most this 2023.

“Fire industries are going to be good this year so that would be technology on the software side, energy, communications and media, entertainment and events and food. Other industries that are also looking good have to do with metal — banking and finance, mining, jewelry, beauty products, medical, dental and healthcare, and technology on the hardware side or equipment,” Fernandez said.

Creative energy will also be strong, he added. “People should take advantage of this to brainstorm and come up with new ideas.”

Fernandez with host Issa Litton during the EastWest Priority Lifestyle Series event.

Lim-Fernandez advises people to not do everything at once — to think and choose what is important to get things done well.

His recent talk was done in partnership with EastWest whose portfolio has only increased and grown further in 2022 because of the steady reopening of the country and the world.

The EastWest Priority Lifestyle Series is part of the Bank’s efforts to thank its loyal priority banking customers. The Davao leg of the Lunar New Year celebration will take place today, 25 January.

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