CoA saves P1M via solar power

Indeed, going green translates to more cost-effective gains.

About five years after its installation, the Commission on Audit reported close to P1 million in energy savings due to solar panels on the rooftop of its two-building offices in Quezon City.

The state audit agency, in partnership with Philippine National Oil Company-Renewables Corporation, built solar rooftops in the offices in 2017 or about five years ago.

“Five years after the installation of the solar panels, we are seeing the benefits in the savings generated. For January to September 2022 alone, we have generated total savings of more than P800,000 for both buildings,” CoA chairman Gamaliel A. Cordoba said.

“We hope that more agencies will see the benefits and be encouraged to follow in our footsteps,” he added.

Backing for RE drive
As a state agency that has registered for the net-metering program, Cordoba said utilizing solar power “(shows) support to the renewable energy drive of the government.”

The net-metering program allows solar owners with less than 100-kilowatt peak capacity to export their excess electricity to the grid in exchange for electricity bill credits.

From the one-way flow of electricity to a two-way flow of electricity — it empowers consumers to become “prosumers,” with the ability to generate their electricity for their consumption, and export any excess generation to the distribution grid.

To further encourage the use of cleaner and cheaper energy, the government said it will expand the program to more areas — especially in far-flung provinces that are not yet connected to the grid.

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