A dojo to get back your mojo

Origins Jiujitsu aims to help improve lives through JiuJitsu.

It is often joked that family members who do not get along end up wanting to karate-chop each other. This could not be farther from the whole purpose that this new martial arts facility was created in the first place.

Ten years ago, Origins Jiujitsu was founded by a group of individuals with an affinity for the martial arts. The group’s aim was to help each other improve their lives through Jiujitsu. Sharing a common passion for training and self-improvement, they built a community that included people from different walks of life.

Professor TJ Sulit, co-founder of Origins Jiujitsu and head coach at Origins Martial Arts, Solenad AyalaMalls, Nuvali, said martial arts can be learned by anybody – and, in fact, the place they launched in Laguna recently was designed to be welcoming to all.

Because the founders of Origins have been holding JiuJitsu classes in Rockwell Club, Rockwell Center in Makati since 2007, their mantra has spread. Over the years, the team has expanded to multiple locations including Barangay San Lorenzo in Makati, San Juan City, BGC, Taguig, and Siargao. The Origins community has grown to over 300 active members — kids, men, and women ranging from five to
50-plus years old.

“Training in the martial arts is a lifelong pursuit. Just like in life, we encounter twists and turns which sometimes allows us to focus on training, and sometimes distract us. When we need to regain our focus, we revert back to the reasons why we began our training — our Origins. We are grounded by the tenets of learning constantly, helping others, and having fun. These not only guide us towards a lifetime of martial arts, but also extend to our lives outside the mats,” Coach TJ said.

Photographs courtesy of Origins Jiujitsu

A gym unlike no other
Origins Martial Arts has an open academy atmosphere, wherein practitioners both new and old are welcome to train regardless of affiliations with other JiuJitsu teams.

This open set-up allows Origins to experience training with the vast majority of Brazilian Jiujitsu practitioners both locally and abroad, giving its students the experience needed to improve their skills while enriching their experience through a wider network. This setup allows for a non-intimidating culture wherein students feel welcomed while allowing optimal learning.

Last October, Origins Martial Arts opened its doors to the very first of its kind, a full-time Jiujitsu and Judo gym with multiple classes a day, seven days a week. Multiple sessions per day means the gym will have classes for beginners, intermediate, and advanced practitioners. It will also have daily classes for kids, teens, professionals, corporate individuals, and everyone in between, including private sessions.

It is the first ever martial arts gym in the country to have dedicated programs for top executives, corporate employees, and professionals, highlighting how beneficial JiuJitsu is to busy men and women especially when managing stress.

“After battling it out on the mats, the stress of work and everyday life gets muted down and becomes manageable,” a professional says.

It is also a great place to connect with like-minded individuals and meet executives from different industries.

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