Why spontaneous E.S.P. happens

E.S.P. refers to “extrasensory perception.” It is a mental faculty everyone has, but very few understand.

All our knowledge of the physical world comes from our five physical senses of sight, hearing, touch, smell, and taste.

However, there are times when knowledge comes spontaneously that do not seem to come from our physical senses. For example, knowledge of future events, perception of things that cannot usually be perceived by our senses, etc.

Unfortunately, in the Philippines, psychic perception or psychic ability is usually associated with seeing the future. If you are a psychic, you are regarded as a fortune teller or knowing future events.

This is farthest from the truth. The fact is, most psychic abilities have nothing to do with seeing future events.

Highly-developed psychics or clairvoyants can demonstrate psychic perception at will, but most of us, ordinary human beings, cannot summon such skill at will.

Many ordinary or average individuals, however, have experienced spontaneous psychic perception in times of emergency or danger.

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of unsplash/milad fakurian
sudden psychic perceptions come from our instinctive side of the brain which is believed to be in the right hemisphere of our neocortex.

Let me explain this with a couple of examples.

An American housewife was cooking lunch at home. At exactly one o’clock, she felt a sudden and strong pain on her chest and she collapsed. The next day, an Army personnel knocked on her door to announce that her son who was in Vietnam was shot at one o’clock.

What I think happened here is that her son must have thought of his mother when he was shot. The mother got the message but could not interpret what it meant.

Another example is the case of a newlywed young couple who just moved to a new neighborhood.

One day, the husband went out to play billiards with friends, leaving the wife alone in the house. Shortly afterwards, she felt a very strong pain in her stomach. She collapsed on the floor. There was no telephone, cellphone, or internet yet.

In desperation, she thought of calling on her husband telepathically, although she knew nothing about telepathy or E.S.P. She called out to her husband, saying: “Papa, come back right away. I feel very strong pain in my stomach. I might collapse anytime. I do not know anybody here. Please come right away!” She kept repeating the same message over and over again.

Photograph courtesy of unsplash/pawel szvmanski
clairvoyants can demonstrate psychic perception at will, but ordinary humans cannot summon such skill at will.

The husband suddenly stopped playing billiards, excused himself, and went home. He found his wife writhing in pain and brought her immediately to the hospital.

Here is another example. An American couple was in bed in their room one evening and was about to sleep.

In the other room was their small baby sleeping soundly in the crib. All of a sudden, the wife rushed to the child’s room and got the baby.

The husband was surprised because there was no reason to believe the child was in danger.

All of a sudden, a strong thunderstorm occurred, shaking the house so strongly that the chandelier on top of the child’s crib suddenly fell on the crib. If the mother had not taken the baby out of that room on time, she would have been dead.

Psychic perceptions come from our instinctive side of the brain which is believed to be in the right hemisphere of our neocortex.

Bio-neurologist, Dr. Roger Sperry, discovered what has been popularly known as the Split-Brain Theory.

He claimed that the two halves of our upper brain, the neocortex, do not function the same way. It is as if we have two brains.

The left half of our brain is our logical, verbal, and rational brain. Our right brain is our intuitive, non-rational, and
non-verbal brain. Dr. Sperry won the Nobel Prize in Medicine for this discovery.

And that is how E.S.P. works. When you have psychic perception, you are using mainly the right brain, but when doing mathematical calculations or thinking logically, you are using mainly your left brain. Both sides of the brain are at work at the same time. Therefore, E.S.P. is a matter of shifting from the left brain to the right.

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