Remulla eyeing modern-day corrections

Justice Secretary Jesus Crispin Remulla has strongly urged personnel of the Department of Justice, including the Bureau of Corrections, “to toe the line”, as he is eyeing modern-day corrections facilities to pave the way for a second chance for everybody — personnel and prisoners alike.

Remulla made the exhortation during the culminating activity for the release of 340 persons deprived of liberty yesterday at BuCor headquarters in Muntinlupa City

He said everyone should be on the “right track”, and as justice chief his primordial task is to strengthen the justice system, particularly enforcement, prosecution, and corrections in the community.

“We need to put in place a strong justice system and make everyone follow the law because if not there will be chaos. We need to do this for a better life for our people and even if there are many hindrances I will not back down because that is what I’m made of. Hindi ako umaatras sa labanan (I don’t run away from a fight),” Remulla said.

The justice chief said that whenever he is out of the country, particularly at the United Nations, he is asked about the program of releasing PDLs and how we are running our corrections facilities, which is primarily to decongest them.

Remulla admitted there is a big problem confronting the corrections system in the country but he is not cowed by it because he knows he is on the right track.

“We will establish a modern penology system and will do away with the old classic way as we intend to phase out the NBP and replace it with regional corrections facilities. Committing crimes will also be phased out,” he said.

At present, there are 1,000 new corrections personnel being trained to man the future corrections facilities — free of corruption and syndicated crime.

The justice chief said he is a very patient man and he intends to implement the reforms that are badly needed, whatever it takes so that everyone will toe the line as the law says.

“We are in a democracy so we must do what is right and everybody can expect that the reforms will be done for the benefit of the people and those who will violate it will be dealt with accordingly,” he said.

Remulla told the released PDLs that in order to be happy, they must not violate the law again. He assured them of government support as they enter a new phase in their lives.

“I know that you are apprehensive that your family, friends and the community are no longer there but that is part of life and you must be strong in order to live a better and happy life,” he said.

Remulla urged BuCor personnel to embrace the changes that will be implemented, urging them to always be positive so that reforms will be attained soon.

“We will do everything to cleanse the BuCor ranks and it will be done as long as the President has trust and confidence in me because all of the things we are doing here are known to him and he is happy there is a system to give a second chance to those who are incarcerated here. Next month I will come back here and I don’t want to see you (PDLs to be released) here. I want to see those (next batch) who will be released,” he said.

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