Contenders are out to grab the title of “tallest man alive” currently held by 40-year-old Turkish man, Sultan Kösen, whose official height is 8 feet and 2 inches.

It’s not easy to beat the Guinness World Record-holder though, with 29-year-old Sulemana Abdul Samed of Ghana struggling to measure his own height.

The rural clinic in the village of Gambaga, where Samed lives, monitors the health of the gigantism-afflicted man. Samed’s recent checkup caused a problem among clinic staff who had to measure his height. He apparently grew taller than the scale, and they were trying to figure out how they could measure the height of the still agrowing Ghanaian.

They decided to use a pole as an extension above the scale stick to measure his height. Samed was found to be 9 feet and 6 inches tall (2.89 meters).

BBC News Pidgin reporter Favour Nunoo visited Samed prior to the measuring to write an article about him. He also helped determine his height together with the giant’s neighbor. They were supposed to make him stand on a wall, mark the spot on the top of his head and measure that point to the ground.

However, Samed was taller than the houses in the village. After looking around, Nunoo and the neighbor overcame the hurdle by finding a building with a suitable wall. Then the neighbor clambered up on a wooden stool to reach barefooted Samed’s head and marked the wall with a piece of charcoal, according to BBC.

When Nunoo stretched a measuring tape from the ground to the marked line on the wall, the distance was 7 feet 4 inches tall. Now at 9 feet and 6 inches or more, he only needs GWR’s confirmation to become the title holder.

Meanwhile, former National Basketball Association player Jared Jeffries faced his own height hurdle when he recently joined the popular American TV game show The Price is Right.

Jeffries was lucky to win a Toyota Corolla in the contest. His excitement did not diminish even upon seeing the actual prize on stage.

Obviously, the towering Jeffries’ 6-foot-11 frame won’t fit in the small sedan. Recalling an Uber ride on the same car model, Jeffries said he sat sideways in the backseat, WSAZ 3 reported.

“There’s no chance I can fit in that car. I’ll give it to my daughter. She can have it,” he said, solving the problem, according to the CNN-affiliated news outlet.

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