Christian Bautista’s 20-year showbiz ride: ‘It’s always exhilarating’


As he celebrates his 20th year in the business, Asia’s Romantic Balladeer Christian Bautista is waxing reflective about the lessons he has learned from two decades in the entertainment business.

“It’s been a wonderful roller-coaster ride. I say that all the time because there are highs and there are lows. But the challenge, it’s always exhilarating, especially when you are rewarded [in the end],” the singer said.

What should young artists keep in mind to stay as long as Bautista has in the business?

“Be with the right people [and] never give up,” advised Bautista. “There will be some failures. But get back up and try to discover something new, a new direction maybe, or a new strategy, and always listen to what’s happening with the world and know how to ride the wave — or make your own wave.”

But he added, “Take a break, too. Experience the reasons why you’re feeling that way and try to create a strategy moving forward, whether you want to still pursue this direction or go in a different direction, just as long as you have peace.”

Bautista has become a highly versatile artist, from selling bestselling records such as his signature anthem “The Way You Look at Me” to flexing his acting chops in theater and television.

To celebrate this landmark year in his career, Bautista is mounting The Way You Look At Me: The Concert, happening on 28 January at the Samsung Performing Arts Theater, Circuit Makati.

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