Sustainable dining at the new Golden Gibbon

Located in the concrete jungle of LP Leviste St. Salcedo in Makati is a new casual fine dining lounge that raises the bar on traditional expectations of cultural Southeast Asian cuisine and cocktails.

Golden Gibbon is inspired by the critically endangered golden-cheeked gibbons that were once commonly found swinging through the forest canopies of Vietnam, Thailand, and Borneo.

This is where the restaurant draws its culinary adaptations, from traditional cultural kitchens across the region that help create what the resto’s movers believe to be the best contemporary southeast Asian dining experience in the country.

Executive chef Niño Laus of Niño’s & Agimat restaurants delved deep into the rich history of flavors and unique ingredients in the region to come up with a special menu that will change with the seasons.

To complement the platings, Liquid Concepts PH’s renowned mixologists Larry and Sharleen Guevarra conjured a banquet of tantalizing cocktails.

Huephoria Interiors’ Amanda Brodett, meanwhile, created the ambience with the evocation of a lost and forgotten civilization overtaken by the wild.

A share of the profits of Golden Gibbon is committed by its owners, the Shaka Group, to reforestation programs and rehabilitation services for gibbons across the Southeast Asian region.

The new resto is a destination where people can come together, share meals, clink glasses, and create everlasting memories with family and friends, while helping sustain Asia’s one of Asia’s natural wonders.

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