Marcos wants to boost agri sector

President Bongbong Marcos | Photograph by Yummie Dingding for the Daily Tribune

President Ferdinand Marcos Jr. is looking into aiding farmers, improving research and development and adopting new crop varieties as ways to bolster the country’s agriculture sector.

“In terms of production, we have to help the farmers. We are trying to adopt new techniques for farming that will actually, I think, that we will be able to use – new technology, new variety, start with the R&D,” Marcos Jr. said in an interview with reporters.

“You know, especially in the area of agriculture, the overarching issue is climate change.”

The Chief Executive said farmers are having a hard time scheduling things because the weather keeps on changing.

He said he is coordinating with several other countries as well as his counterparts  to develop what he refers to as non-traditional suppliers, particularly for the supply of fertilizer, wheat, rice and corn.

“Hopefully down the road, in the few years, we no longer have to worry about non-traditional supply because we will be able to produce enough for ourselves,” he said.

For Marcos, scheduling importation is critical for both sugar and onion, and other basic commodities to protect the local industry and local farmers.

“Pag maayos na ‘yan, that is one box that I’ve been, I will tell I’ve been able to tick. But we come back to the problem of production,” he said.

“Then, we will have a [DA] secretary who will then take my place and will implement that plan. Basta’t alam nating nakakaintindi ito sa ating ginagawa. So those are the essential elements that I’m talking about.”

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