Love rules in the Year of the Water Rabbit

The Year of the Water Rabbit is a good time for romantic relationships, feng shui experts say.

“I declare 2023 as the year of love,” Marites Allen said in a recent CNN Philippines interview.

She added: 2023 “is the year of moving on” and is a great time “to be engaged, get married, and have babies,” since rabbits reproduce all year round.

However, the feng shui expert advised people to be careful in dealing with their emotions to avoid stress and arguments.

For his part, Patrick Lim-Fernandez of the Yin & Yang Shop of Harmony said the year is perfect for those seeking romantic relationships because of the presence of the Peach Blossom Star, a symbol of undying love for the ancient Chinese.

Hanz Cua

The signs that will be lucky in love this year are the rat, tiger, horse, and dog. But those born in the years of the pig, snake, and ox should remain cautious.

Since rabbits are sociable, Lim-Fernandez said 2023 is an ideal year to develop networks business-wise. Industries related to fire elements such as software, media, entertainment, food, and events, and metal elements like banking and finance, jewelry, mining, health, and technology are in for a good year.

People with rat, rabbit, dragon, and goat signs are the lucky ones in this aspect, while the monkey, rooster, and horse should be more mindful.

Patrick Lim-Fernandez

In terms of health, those born in the years of the ox, tiger, dog, and pig should pay extra-heed about their well-being.

To attract luck, Hanz Cua meanwhile advised people to wear water colors like blue, purple, and black. Secondary lucky colors such as gold, silver, and gray are also said to bring prosperity.

The celebration of the Chinese New Year culminates on 5 February, the day of the Lantern Festival.

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