Cops linked to e-sabong kidnapping yields

KIDNAP SUSPECTS SURRENDER. Dismissed policemen Rigel Brosas and Daryl Paghangaan, who have been implicated in the kidnapping of an online cockfighting master agent, surrendered on Thursday (Jan. 19, 2023). The Philippine National Police is expecting the two to cooperate and disclose everything they know about the abduction of Lasco, as well as other cases involving the missing sabungeros. (Photo courtesy of PNP-IMEG)

The Philippine National Police on Saturday reported that two dismissed policemen who were linked to the kidnapping of an e-sabong master agent surrendered to authorities Thursday.

Patrolman Rigel Brosas and Daryl Paghangaan, who are among three subjects of an arrest warrant issued by Judge Luvida Padolina Roque are now facing charges related to kidnapping, serious illegal detention and robbery with violence.

No bail was recommended for the kidnapping case, while the court recommended bail amounting to P400,000 for each case of robbery.

The PNP said Brosas and Paghangaan were allegedly involved in the kidnapping of e-sabong master agent Ricardo Lasco.

The police said Lasco, was “illegally arrested” in his house in Laguna by police officers pretending to be members of the National Bureau of Investigation.

“After (a) series of negotiations, our Team 4A have convinced these two former PNP personnel to surrender and already stop putting the image of the PNP in a bad light,” said P/Brig. Gen. Warren de Leon, director of the Integrity Monitoring and Enforcement Group, the police unit that handled the surrender of the suspects in Liliw municipal police in Laguna.

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